Renewals: Frequently Asked Questions

I am wanting to be prepared in case I am audited. What information will I be required to submit?
  • Just like in previous years, the Board will send you a form on which to document your CE activities. This includes the date, the title of that activity, if it met an ethics or supervision requirement, the category type, the number of hours, and the Name of the Approved Program Sponsor (the list of these options is located on the CE information page). You will also need to have all your supporting documentation ready to submit in the following format: A SINGLE pdf file that contains all supporting documents. This file needs to be named in the following manner: LASTNAMELicense#CEAudit2018.pdf or you may not have your audit mapped to your renewal. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY DOCUMENTS NOW. There will be specific instructions and a specific email (not the board office) to which you will be instructed to submit your documentation, should you be audited.
I just realized that my CE activity wasn't pre-approved, is it still okay to submit it?
  • Licensees need to be mindful that CE activities which are not pre-approved for CE credit by an entity such as APA (and the list of approved providers found elsewhere on this site) require approval by the Board. The Board meets only one time per month. Licensees who wait until after October 1 to submit CE approval requests may not meet the deadline for CE approval before the license renewal deadline. It is recommended to submit CE approval requests prior to attending or as soon after the training as possible to avoid delays or incomplete CE requirements should the CE request be denied. These requests and supporting documentation MUST BE RECEIVED prior to October 1 of reporting cycle. 
I am no longer practicing in ND. I might return, but I don't want to pay the $250 renewal feel. I would like my license to be inactive for a period of time.
  • The law in ND does not authorize an inactive status. Please refer to NDCC 43-32-14. Payment of delinquent annual fee - Reinstatement for details about what the timelines and requirements are if you want to reinstate the license. You have a year to reinstate an expired license, but will have to pay the renewal fee, late fee, and documentation for any CE that you would have been required to complete within the reporting period (and late fees for completion of CE may apply if you didn't complete them within the designated two-year reporting cycle).
My application appears to not be advancing when I've already entered my other licensure information or supervisor information.
  • The application was created to allow for multiple pages ONLY if you click YES at the bottom. Once you have entered each license or supervisor, and have no further information to report in the category, click NO - the form will move along to the next section.
When will I receive the information for submitting my CEs? How will I know if this is a CE reporting year for me?
  • The form will guide you through how to determine if this is a CE reporting year. If you are required to provide documentation to support your attestation, you will be informed AFTER Nov. 15th, and required to immediately provide the documentation as attested to in your application.
​​When will the 2020 renewal applications be available?
  • The 2020 Renewal season will be open around November - Please check under the CE Renewal Page for more information.
Can I submit my renewal by paper, or email it in?
  • No, the renewal process is an online-automated process that transforms your typed responses into our office database. This database is reviewed by our board members and reduces errors in form completion and the time spent by our office staff to scan every document to then forward for review. You will receive an email copy of your renewal and are encouraged to save that as a pdf and print if you'd like for your own records.
I emailed/called the Board Office about my renewal, why haven't I heard back?
  • The Board Office processes several hundred email requests per month on a regular basis. Inquiries related to renewals will be batched and responded to on this webpage. If you have a question, chances are others have the same one. Please email the office per the renewal instructions document and include in the subject line the reason for your email (so they can be batched for comments): RENEWAL FORM (questions about the form); RENEWAL PROCESS (questions about the process); RENEWAL OTHER (a different question related to renewals).
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