Application for Licensure: Instructions

Information about Applications

NDSBPE has a two-step application process for applying to practice psychology and applied behavior analysis in ND. The first step is to complete an Application Initiation Form and submit along with required documents and fees to the Board Office. Once processed, the Board Office will initiate the second step, which is the online application form called the PLUS Application (hosted on PSY|PRO).  

Application Initiation Forms are processed once all application materials are completed and forwarded to the Board Office. Please be alert that the process may take several hours of your time, several days for processing, and require primary source verifications as well as signatures from training programs and faculty (times for these processes vary by program, institution, and faculty members). Applications should be completed as soon as possible, and ideally well in advance of your move or transition to a position requiring licensure or registration. 

The Board uses the same application for all applicants (Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Applied Behavior Analyst, and Registered Applied Behavior Analyst), thus not all parts of the application may apply to your situation. Please read the application materials carefully and fully prior to beginning your application process. 

Notice to Licensed Supervisors of Applicants

PRIOR TO PRACTICING IN ND, a Notification of Supervision Relationship Form and Application Initiation Form MUST be completed and on File in the Board Office. You may not practice psychology in North Dakota unless you are in compliance with the NDCC 43-32 as well as NDAC Title 66. It is both your responsibility and your licensed supervisor's responsibility to ensure you are practicing legally. THE BOARD ENCOURAGES APPLICANTS TO FILE COMPLETE APPLICATIONS WITH THE BOARD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and applicants can do so prior to the beginning of their residency. 

New Applicants
Application for Licensure as a Psychologist

The application process involves two-steps:
    1) Completion of the Application Initiation Form (and paid fee of $450 to NDSBPE); and
    2) Completion of the PLUS Online Application (and a paid fee of $200 to ASPPB).

Following receipt of the PLUS Application in the Board Office, the Board will review the application and vote to approve the candidate to sit for the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP). The EPPP requires a $600 fee at the time of referral for examination, and the testing site may have additional fees paid to the site at the time of testing. 

 The North Dakota law has four basic requirements:
  1. Education (a doctoral degree in psychology from an APA or CPA approved program (there are no other approved accrediting bodies),
  2. Applied professional experience,
  3. Written exam (EPPP),
  4. Oral exam (as determined by the Board).

The written licensing examination will be administered by computer at designated testing sites throughout the calendar year. At the present time, the exam owner (ASPPB) has set the cutoff score for successful performance on the national examination at a scaled score of 500. The Board shall determine an acceptable level of performance for the oral examination and a majority decision of the Board is required for the issuing of a license. The oral examination will be scheduled after the written examination has been completed and a passing score has been reported to the Board.

New Applicant Forms

Start Online Form

Expedited Licensure/Registration

North Dakota law permits those already with a license from another jurisdiction a streamlined process to licensure in ND. Please use the same Application Initiation Form as all other applicants. Be sure to include a copy of your current license with your application, so the verification process can begin. You will still complete the application process, but provisional status may be granted such that you can practice while your application is pending.

 Licensed Applied Behavior Analysts
 Registered Applied Behavior Analysts

PLEASE NOTE - This board no longer issues these licenses.
Please find the Applied Behavior Analyst Board elsewhere in the ND State Licensing Boards:

The North Dakota Board of Integrative Health Care
(218) 791-0908
Contact Person: Erin Stephany, M.S., BCBA, LABA


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